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Explore your Readwise highlights by meaning rather than just keywords. This is like "Readwise Pro": a way to get a lot more out of searching through your highlights.

Download for MacOS


  1. Unzip.
  2. Drag the Readspace app to your Applications folder or just open it from where it is.
  3. When it asks to allow keychain access, click "Always Allow" (this safely stores and retrieves your API tokens in Apple's Keychain).
  4. You'll need a Readwise account and OpenAI API Key. Sign up for an OpenAI account and enter your payment info. (The cost to load your highlights depends on how many you have, but it typically will be very cheap. For reference, my 3,000 highlights cost about $0.40 to load. If you have 10x that it could be $5. Every new highlight loaded in the future costs about 1/100 of a penny.)
  5. Click "Settings" and enter your Readwise Access Token (click here to get it from your account) and OpenAI API Key.
  6. Click "Load New Highlights". Depending on how many highlights you have, this could take up to ~5 minutes.
  7. Explore away!

Some sample use cases:

Search by topic:

military strategy vs. tactics

Enter an existing quote to find similar highlights:

Be fearful when people are greedy, and be greedy when people are fearful.

Ask a question:

What should I do with my life?

Explore a concept from a specific set of books using the ⏬️ dropdown:

how do you decide what to focus on?
Filter by book: "Steve Jobs", "Hackers and Painters"